November 24, 2015 

One thing I'm working on personally these days is discerning between attachment and connection. It's easy to confuse attachment with connection. Connection is mostly love. Attachment is mostly fear. Connection is magnetic. Attachment adheres by grasping. I've heard that one path to freedom is in letting go of attachments. Well, it's something to try. 

November 22, 2015 

The sun is in Sagittarius, the moon in Aries and the fire sign energy is ablaze. What does it mean for you? This could be an exciting day. Make something happen. In a related story, we got a new puppy! Also, if you like dogs, you might enjoy this video from 2 X Poet Laureate Billy Collins. Puppy Poetry

November 19, 2015 

Cosmic News: 

            One key difference between a narcissist and someone with full levels of empathy and social awareness is that the narcissist is incapable of entering another person's world. They only see and relate to themselves. The reason I bring it up is that Mercury, communication planet, is moving into Sagittarius, which is an opportunity for all to explore new worlds, learn new languages, get carried away on an adventure or immersed in a fantasy. This requires letting go of self-consciousness and self-interest. 

and in that spirit, I don't know if this is an upper or a downer, but it does make one think...

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November 13, 2015 

           HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th! 
Mercury and Jupiter are in a mood to exaggerate whatever you've got luck-wise. Just know that whatever is going on, it's probably not as fantastic or as awful as it seems. AND THAT'S THE REASON I'M NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT THIS SPACE JUNK HURTLING TOWARD THE EARTH, and maybe you shouldn't either. 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 

COSMIC NEWS: Eleven Eleven New Moon
Make a wish! It's a New Moon on 11/11, a number tied to spiritual awakening. Some say that on the cusp of a spiritual breakthrough, 11:11 sightings and experiences become prevalent. It's a favorite number for some who decide to marry or make major decisions on this day. Ellen DeGeneres even named a company Eleven Eleven. Do you have an 11/11 story? Would love to hear about it in the comments! 

November 9, 2015 

            The Libra lunar influence brings a collaborative spirit to the day's events. This air-sign aspect also adds some much-needed levity to the Scorpio sky. Everything does not have to be intense. It could go that way if you choose to take it in that direction, but know that intensity is optional. If you're willing to look for it, there will be a light version to try on.
            and in that spirit... this is my daughter and my absolute favorite silliness: 
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November 8, 2015 

Take advantage of these last days of Mars in Virgo. These are productive days. Decisiveness and a stick-to-it attitude has kept things clipping along. Are your plans on track? Are your projections coming true? This is something to celebrate and reinforce now while everything is relatively uncomplicated. 
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