September 4, 2015 

COSMIC NEWS: A trendy Gemini Moon
BEST FOR: taking the pulse of the world, having timely conversations, getting caught up in the finite, fragility of it all because hey, this moment won't come again and we'll probably remember it by the more unusual or stupid or weird or magnificent things. This is the magnificent thing that made me happy today...

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September 3, 2015 

COSMIC NEWS: A highly aesthetic (which is the generous way of saying materialistic) Taurus Moon  
BEST FOR: overdosing on design-porn, lusting after cars, shoes, glamorous *@! that shouldn't really matter, but it does. Why? Because symbols matter. It bothers us when they don't accurately reflect our identity. And we feel so smugly satisfied when the do.     
 here are some interesting books about developing your style 
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September 2, 2015 

COSMIC NEWS: The Sun and Neptune are in opposition -- oh the longing, the eternal ache, the constant craving
BEST FOR: Listening to this KD Lang song which is perfection  "maybe a great magnet pulls all souls to the truth..." I mean, I really want that to be true. Could that be true? I think it must be some kind of slow-working magnet. 

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September 1, 2015 

COSMIC NEWS: Sound the alarm -- the  Moon, Venus and Mars are all in fire signs
BEST FOR: fanning the flames of desire (or destruction if you want to get punk rock about it, or revenge if you're feeling melodramatic, or hate if you're a psychopath, in that case, calm down. Hey, why don't we all just stick with desire?) 
and for wrapping your head around this:  

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