Museum 21C 

in nashville, tn,


so worth the visit 

why did it take me so long?


Korby Lenker 

a favorite


can't help it, i feel what I want to feel


honored to be a part of Korby's MORSE CODE PROJECT and this song we wrote together turned out pretty FEEEEEllLLLLLY. Thank you BEEeee.

What is this "Artist Residency" all about?  

Q: What’s this “Artist in Residence” bit about?  

A: "Artist in Residence at Earth” is a private joke between me and me that has to do with the topic of jealousy.  

I’ve always identified as a creative person but have often felt that for one reason or other I was unable to express or explore this part of myself to the extent I wanted to or thought I was capable of. So when I learned that there were people in the world, artists, who were given support, supplies, a space to do their work, money to live on…

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Transcript of Original Interview... 

Q: What's the story? 

Worst idea ever…I moved to Los Angeles without money or skills and was trying to make it as a waitress, but you might be surprised at how difficult it really is for some people to move up from the cashier position. By some odd stroke of magic, a roommate’s girlfriend saw a note on her college bulletin board (this was pre-internet) about a horoscope writing job. The instructions were to send samples to a P.O. address, so I borrowed a computer and got to typing.  

I don’t even know…

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Interview with a Science Writer 

The science writer Christie Aschwanden wrote an article about me. And I love it! The title made me laugh hard.

When she asked for an interview I thought, a science writer interviews an astrologer, what could go wrong?  Then I did it anyway, because most decisions I make I just do by purely feel. 

What about you? You decide things through feel, or do you reason it out?

How to Write a Love Letter in 12 Easy Steps 

It’s an age old tradition. As long as writing has been around, so have love letters. If there is a more touching gift than the articulation of one’s amorous feelings in a form that can be held and kept as proof, it would be hard to find. And it would cost a lot of money. So save yourself a few bucks and write a love letter. It could very well be an item your beloved will cherish for years to come. 

Here’s how in twelve easy steps:


Step One: 

It starts as all things should start – with the “why” of it…

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